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Content management

CMS-type solution specially designed to work on “electronic paper” type devices with real-time information for passengers of various types of public transport.

The timetable in e-Paper technology displays clear, legible images that do not flicker, is easy to read from wide angles, and the content is clearly visible even in bright sunlight. This device is a “master” when it comes to saving energy: the power being consumed to update the information and thus it can come sufficiently for example from a solar panel.

This is a good solution where the power grid is not easily accessible.

On an e-Paper, you can display everything except videos.

The technology is limited by color – the image consists of black, white and shades of grey.

The housing can be made of steel, aluminum or special non-flammable material with high resistance to vandalism.

The machine works 24 hours a day, 360 days a year.

The update of passenger information is done via a 3G/4G network and is managed centrally.

The update can also take place automatically at times set by the operator. Electronic paper passenger information can be used in a small and lightweight device in a remote city, as well as in a large information totem with many screens and possibly phone chargers in the center of a large metropolis.

Information management

Information about employees
The work schedule of employees and projects
Pending applications and approved applications Employee structure – IRP – CHA
Separate portals for different levels

Hospital Equipment Management (ALTIX PRO)

Includes information on installation, service and maintenance of medical and non-medical equipment.

  • Asset inventory and stock management
  • Maintain history and track assets
  • Maintenance diary
  • Tracking by scanning barcodes
  • Reports on assets, stocks

The management system consists of a web application and a mobile application. The application may process:

  • Complaint registration
  • Maintenance
  • Complaint registration
  • Track equipment history by scanning barcodes

Facilities management

B2B (Infrastructure & Equipment)

Managing the non-technical work of people/employees in the organization

  • Maintain employee database
  • Generation of shift list and work order
  • Attendance tracking with manual and biometric devices
  • Reports

B2C (People & Organization)

Maintenance/service software for equipment and infrastructure

  • Customer database management
  • Generation of work order, invoice, invoicing
  • Manage equipment installation/service/warranty history and reminders
  • Reports

Document management

Online document management system

  • Portal for storing and sharing all documents of an organization
  • Supports various document formats
  • All documents viewed in PDF format
  • Limited access to project-related documents only

Editing, Comments, Discussions / Chat, Version Control, Private Sharing, Download edited files, Scanning & Indexing, Records Management, Visual approval of work and archiving

Human Resources Management System

  • Bază de date angajați
  • Management
  • Autorizații Călătorie
  • Detalii pentru evaluare
  • Procese de evaluare
  • Departamente și desemnări
  • Detalii pentru training
  • Mentorat

Project Management System

  • Employee database
  • Management
  • Travel Authorizations
  • Details for evaluation
  • Evaluation processes
  • Departments and designations
  • Training details
  • Mentoring

Visitor Management System

  • Employee database
  • Management
  • Travel Authorizations
  • Details for evaluation
  • Evaluation processes
  • Departments and designations
  • Training details
  • Mentoring

Community application

Common Platform for Residential Community Integration with SMV

Details such as resident profile, family members, staff or vehicle

Community events, notifications, blogs, unit bookings, visitor information, invoices issued by administrators only

Classified ads, facility bookings, change of maintenance staff given by administrators

Master Client Project

Portal for accessing details of all projects

  • Unique platform with two sections:
  • Administration Portal and Client Portal
  • Admin portal to provide progress information
  • Customer portal with a larger amount of project information
  • Access control feature to available projects
  • Feedback function available depending on project progress

Crisis Management System (Helpdesk)

An online platform for the end user/customer to raise any complaint or claim; and for Providers to manage and resolve these requests.

Complaints/requests raised as a Ticket.

Automatically assign tickets to team members based on complaint category

Team members can update ticket status, notification sent to customer

Escalation matrix if the ticket is not resolved within the set time Reports on tickets tickets and escalations

Learning management (Bloomlabs)

A learning management software that provides a flexible online working and learning environment, allowing trainers to create customized courses.

  • A unique solution
  • Self-Registration and Self-Enrollment
  • Customization possible according to requirements
  • Provides the ability to perform assessment tests
  • It supports communication and coordination between its users
  • Modern and easy to use interface
  • Custom dashboard
  • Convenient file management

Biometric scanning frequency

Biometric scanning tablet for attendance tracking

  • A cloud-based Wi-Fi 3G/4G biometric device Connected to the cloud via Wi-Fi or SIM card
  • Real-time information about employees/contractors on site Geo-tagging
  • Automation of data entry
  • Preventing the entry of false information
  • Linked directly to timesheets

Salary processing management

Secure chat media management system

Directly connected to MIS, HRMS, Frequency Biometric Tablet

Total working hours, vacations, attendance are taken into account

Directly connected to MIS, HRMS, Frequency Biometric Tablet

Information collected from employee database and attendance records

Management tasks

The online platform developed to keep track of tasks and assign tasks to users within the Organization.

  • Create a task/to do/action item in a project and assign to a user/team.
  • User can comment, change status, complete task
  • Option to upload attachments
  • Reports on pending/completed/in progress tasks


Document management software design

  • Cloud based 2D/3D file viewer.
  • User can view 2D/3D files instantly on desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • No additional software is needed to view the files.
  • Viewer will work on all browser compatible devices.
  • No limit on the number of uploaded files.
  • No time limit for viewing files.
  • Can collaborate and start file discussions.
  • Maintaining versions on files.

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