Exe Green Holding offers the optimal financing solutions through our Grenke partner

Financing conditions

  • Early payment 0%
  • Contract period: 18-60 months
    • At the end of the contract, the equipment can be purchased for a value of 5% of the entry price.
  • Administration fee: 1% (paid once upon signing the contract)

Customer benefits

  • Early payment 0%
  • Rent bills are fully deductible
  • Rent bills are fully deductible
  • The financial creditworthiness of the company is not affected at all in the case of renting, and the equipment remains under the management of the financier and does not appear on the client’s balance sheet
  • The rate (rent) in EUR is constant throughout the duration of the contract a.i. costs can be planned over a long period => you pay as you produce!
  • The administration fee is per contract.
  • The set of documents required for making a decision is minimal.
  • Payments are quarterly
  • Saving the company’s capital
  • Releasing a credit line from the bank and thus improving the company’s liquidity