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Photovoltaic bench

Trash can

Advertising display

Photovoltaic bench

The EXE solar bank replaces the traditional bank with a wireless, ecological solution with zero carbon dioxide emissions. The proposed intelligent urban furniture incorporates technologies of the 21st century: WIFI, wireless phone charging, LED lighting, air quality analysis or media content upload.


High efficiency and fast charging

Monocrystalline type panel, maximum

Size 178x45x50 cm, weight 88 kg, electrostatically painted hard steel, extremely durable in all weather conditions

VIA USB 2 ports for USB

Size 178x45x50 cm, weight 88 kg, electrostatically painted hard steel, extremely durable in all weather conditions

AGM type, capacity 0.86 kW / h

Size 19 ”/ 1000 cd / sq.m
For ads, video streaming, information, etc 


4G LTE / speed up to 150 Mbps / 4-20

Temperature (-45 °, + 60 °), humidity (0% – 100%)
Energy produced and consumed
Internet connection and data usage
Battery status
Rain sensor – emergency stop in case of flooding
System analysis

Cooling type / 4 holes
Air flow 370 m3 / h
The system is set to maintain the surface of the bench temperature at max. 35°C

4 rooms, one on each side
360 ° live broadcast

Trash can

Intelligent waste management solution

The SMART Trash Can is an IoT device that automatically sorts and compacts recyclables. It combines unique AI-based object recognition, fill level control and data processing to make waste management convenient.

This SMART bin optimizes waste management in your facility, saving you money, time and manpower. Ensures accurate sorting of discarded waste through automatic recognition and segregation. Thanks to the compression of plastic and paper, the frequency of emptying the bins is reduced by half.

Automatic notifications when one of the containers is full allow for more efficient management of employees’ time.

The application shows the filling level of each fraction and the status of the device in real time.

The IoT waste management solution enables cities and industries to manage their waste efficiently, reducing the environmental footprint and improving the quality of service.

Through such a system, trash cans, bins, containers can be integrated into an intelligent system (IoT) for an optimal planning of waste collection, with direct advantages in reducing traffic and traffic jams, gas emissions and fuel consumption.

Waste is the largest source of greenhouse gas pollution in a city.

Benefits of the IoT solution for Waste Management:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Achieve greater efficiency and optimization
  • Get high quality service
  • It increases the welfare of citizens

Advertising display

For e-ink technology, for example, public transport timetables display clear, legible images that do not flicker, are easy to read from wide angles, and the content is clearly visible even in bright sunlight.

This device is a “master” when it comes to saving energy: the power being consumed to update the information and thus it can come sufficiently for example from a solar panel.

This is a good solution where the power grid is not easily accessible. All equipment has a casing made of steel, aluminum or other special non-flammable material with high resistance to vandalism. The machines work 24/7, 360 days a year.

Information is updated through a 3G/4G network, but it can also be another type of connection depending on the specific solution and is managed centrally.

Bus stop

The EXE bus station impresses with innovation and technology, having a photovoltaic module for power, USB charging ports, wireless charging, WIFI Router, advertising panels, LCD display, built-in trash can and video surveillance system in steel and glass, all creatively combined on a steel structure.

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